The Fort McMurray Construction Association (FMCA) has three pillars which help guide and direct our mission, which is to represent, serve, and connect present and future members to build and sustain a thriving construction community. These three pillars are also known as our ABC’s – Advocate, Benefit, Connect.

We advocate on behalf of the construction industry, particularly those in our local municipality. What does this mean? It means we listen to the concerns and challenges that our construction community faces and interact at municipal levels to share this voice with our community’s leaders. We also advocate at the Provincial and Federal levels through the Alberta Construction Association and the Canadian Construction Association. Topics can range from taxation, regulation, transportation, and infrastructure to community planning and more…

Benefit: We have a variety of unique benefits for our members, such as group insurance, opportunities to promote your business, and education on a range of business and construction topics. We also offer member-to-member savings. Additionally, there is the sheer benefit of connecting with other like-minded leaders within our community bringing us to our last pillar…  Click here for a list of benefits.

We host events and create opportunities to connect members within our community. These are occasions for us to celebrate and learn about a local business, as well as socialize over some food and drink with other members. We also create our luncheons around communicating relevant topics within our business community. Are you struggling to find employees for your talent pool? Maybe you’re wanting a deeper understanding of the tendering process in Wood Buffalo or are having challenges with the permitting process? These are just some of the types of subject matters that we discuss and address.

If you are new to the community or to doing business in Wood Buffalo, we welcome you! Please introduce yourself to me, other board members, and our staff. We want you to feel welcomed and included.

Want to join our organization, please .

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